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Rise - 1 (Class-VIII) Mathematics TOPICS
Square and Squar Roots Exponents and Radicals
Cubes and Cube Roots Compound Interest
Direct and Inverse Variation Polynomials
Profit, Loss and Discount Linear Equations in One Variable
Algebraic Identities Properties of Quadrilateral
Parallel Lines Construction of Quadrilateral
Graphs Mensuration
Statistics Rotational Symmetry
CBSE Portion (Extended to Olympiad Syllabi) Mental Ability
Science Force and Pressure (Physics) Light (Physics)
Friction (Physics) Human Eye (Physics)
Solar System (Physics) Sound (Physics)
Metals and Non-Metals (Chemistry) Electric Current and its Effects (Physics)
Sources of Energy (Chemistry) Combustion (Chemistry)
Pollution of Air (Chemistry) Synthetic Fibres and Plastics (Chemistry)
Cells (Biology) Pollution of Water (Chemistry)
Micro Organisms (Biology) Crop Production and Management (Biology)
Conservation of Plants and Animals (Biology) Reproduction in Animals (Biology)
  Reaching Age of Adolscence (Biology)
Science (Olympiad: - NSO/NSTSE/ IOS)
CBSE Portion (Extended to Olympiad Syllabi)
Social Science Utilisation and Development (Geography) Minerals and Energy (Geography)
Land, Soil and Water (Geography) Agriculture (Geography)
Vegitation and Wild Life (Geography) Manufacturing Industries (Geography)
Modern Period (History) Human Resources (Geography)
Company Rule in India (History) British Rule in India (History)
Colonialism (History) Nationalist Movement (History)
First War of Independence (History) Independence (History)
Constitution (Civics) Uion Executive (Civics)
Indian Secularism (Civics) Judiciary (Civics)
Union Government (Civics) Safeguarding (Civics)
Union Lagislature (Civics) Social Justice (Civics)
Rise - 2 (Class-IX) Mathematics TOPICS No. of Lectures TOPICS No. of Lectures
Number System 6 Linear Equations in Two Variable 4
Polynomials  6 Quadrilaterals 6
Co-ordinate Geometry 3 Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles 6
Euclid's Geometry 3 Circles 10
Lines and Angles 10 Constructions  2
Triangles 10 Surface Area and Volumes 8
Heron's Formula 4 Statistics 4
    Probability 2
Olympiad: IMO/IOM/IMMO
CBSE Portion (Extended to Olympiad Syllabi) Mental Ability
Science Motion I, II (Physics) 22 Gravitation II (Physics) 8
Gravitation I (Physics) 14 Work, Power and Energy (Physics) 8
Matter I, II (Chemistry) 23 Sound (Physics) 8
Cells (Biology) 8 Atoms and Melecules I, II (Chemistry) 22
Tissue (Biology) 18 Diversity 15
Food (Biology) 15 Health and Disease (Biology) 10
    Natural Resources (Biology) 9
Science (Olympiad: - NSO/NSTSE/ IOS/NSEJS)
CBSE Portion (Extended to Olympiad Syllabi)
Social Science India, Size and Location (Geography) 2 Climate (Geography) 4
Physical Features of India (Geography) 3 Natural Vegetationa and Wildlife (Geography) 4
Drainage (Physics) 4 Population (Geography) 2
The French Revolution (History) 4 Forest Society and Colonialism (History) 4
The Rise of Nazism (History) 4 Peasants and Farmers (History) 2
Democracy (Politics) 3 The Story of Cricket 3
Constitutional Design (Politics) 3 Electoral Politics (Politics) 3
Village Palampore (Economics) 2 Institution of Parliamentary (Politics) 3
Pople as Resources (Economics) 3    
Rise - 3 (Class-X) Mathematics    
Social Science